Superior Surface Protection Starts Here

TriPro Nanotechnology Animation

Trident uses nano-sized ZnO particles to insure maximum surface protection and UV protection for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This represents the most advanced and eco-conscious surface protection available on the market.

  • Bonds with surface areas to provide protection lasting up to seven years
  • Doesn’t wash off or melt way like other products
  • Creates a smoother surface that resists dirt buildup, making regular maintenance easier
  • Allows light to reflect more evenly off surfaces, creating a brighter shine
  • Eco-conscious: CARB and EPA compliant (clean and safe)

Protects Your Paint

Trident’s stronger bond and smoother surface provides unparalleled protection from permanent damage caused by hard water spots, industrial fallout and acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and age-related decrease of gloss or color.

Trident Nanotechnology vs. Conventional Wax

Smaller (nano) particles mean the surface will be flatter and smoother, creating a stronger bond and reflect light more evenly to create a brighter, deeper and more even shine.
Larger particles provide less contact area to the surface, which means less durability and protection.

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