TriPro Motorcycle Products
Our exterior protection product is aircraft certified through Boeing, Airbus and AMS test standards. If it’s good enough to meet the high standards of aircraft, it will perform well on your motorcycle.

Exterior Protection

Trident Exterior Protection’s proprietary synthetic formula utilizes leading-edge technology to improve and maintain the appearance of your motorcycle. It’s also CARB and EPA compliant (clean and safe).

UV inhibitors and nano-sized particles protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays. Our product’s “engineered in” durability will keep your painted finish surface looking new, and also offers longer protection from harsh environments.

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  • Trident Exterior Protection bonds with your vehicle’s painted surface and chrome for a smoother finish and longer life
  • Your painted surface is protected from fading and oxidation
  • Easier to maintain and keep clean on a regular basis (bugs and dirt wash off much easier)
  • Can be transferred from one owner to another