Exterior Protection

TriPro Exterior Protection

Our exterior protection product is aircraft certified through Boeing, Airbus and AMS test standards. If it’s good enough to meet the high standards of aircraft, it will perform well on your automobile.

Trident Exterior Protection’s proprietary synthetic formula utilizes leading-edge technology to improve and maintain the appearance of your vehicle. It’s also CARB and EPA compliant (clean and safe).

UV inhibitors and nano-sized particles protect your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays. Our product’s “engineered in” durability will keep your painted finish surface looking new, and also offers longer protection from harsh environments.

Learn more about how this nanotechnology works.

  • Trident Exterior Protection bonds with your vehicle’s painted surface and chrome for a smoother finish and longer life
  • Your painted surface is protected from fading and oxidation
  • Easier to maintain and keep clean on a regular basis (bugs and dirt wash off much easier)
  • Can be transferred from one owner to another
TriPro Interior Protection

Interior Protection

Interiors are more challenging today than ever to keep looking good. Consider all those cup holders, light-colored carpets, active families, fast-food meals in the car, plus lots more that add up to a mess. Believe us, we know — and have stepped up to the challenge with our Interior Protection products.

Thanks to continual testing and research, Trident provides superior protection with products that incorporate intensified repellants and UV protection — all while maintaining a safe environment.

  • Resistance to fading
  • Protects from permanent stains caused by food, drink, ink, blood, pets and more
  • Additional coverage against ultraviolet-induced weakening of the surface resulting in cracking, loose seams, punctures or tears in leather or vinyl surfaces (less than 1/4 inch in diameter and less than 1 inch long)
  • Your vehicle’s interior is easier to keep clean (with regular maintenance)

Premier Protection

As its name implies, our Premier Protection plan covers your car both inside and out (select a particular product on the left for an itemized description). Premier does not cover Rust and Undercoat, which can be purchased separately.

Rust and Undercoat Protection

Trident Rust and Undercoat Protection places a protective barrier between your vehicle’s exposed underbody and potentially damaging outside elements.
  • Provides sound insulation that greatly reduces road noise
  • Manufacturers recommend protecting your vehicle against corrosion, which Trident delivers
  • In just a few seasons, de-icing chemicals will rust and corrode your vehicle’s underbody and other exposed surfaces — Tridents protects your vehicle from this
TriPro Max Tire
TriPro Max Key Remote
TriPro Max Car

MAX Protection

Our MAX Protection provides peace of mind and includes Tire and Wheel coverage with optional Cosmetic Wheel coverage, Key/Remote Replacement, Paint-less Dent Repair, Windshield Repair and Roadside Assistance.
Tire and Wheel Protection coverage protects from damages inflicted by potholes, nails, glass, metal and debris on the road which can cause a flat or destroy your tire and/or wheel. Covered wheels and tires are repaired or replaced, including mounting, balancing, valve stems, labor and tax. Optional Cosmetic Wheel Repair is also available.

In addition, this coverage includes 24/7/365 roadside assistance, which includes towing up to 25 miles, emergency mechanical service (hoses, belts) and fluids (gas, water, oil) to get your vehicle safely on its way. It also includes battery services, minor adjustments to the alternator and changing a flat tire with your good spare. All supplies are paid for by the customer.

Coverage in all US territories and Canada.


Paint-less Dent Repair

  • Repairs most small dings and dents without going to the body shop
TriPro Breakdown Protection

Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection

  • Flat tire repair or replacement
  • Wheel repair or replacement
  • 24/7/365 emergency roadside assistance
  • Towing up to 25 miles
  • Fluids (gas, water, oil)
  • Battery services (cables cleaned, jump, alternator adjustment)
  • Changing flat tire with good spare
  • Lock out services

Aftermarket Wheel Coverage Is Available
Optional Cosmetic Wheel Repair
Optional Key/Remote Replacement Coverage
Windshield Repair Coverage

  • Fixes minor chips and cracks from road debris
  • Helps save original glass

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance

Trident Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance covers the cost difference between what your insurance company pays you if your car is stolen or declared a total loss and what you still owe on your vehicle financing. Because of vehicle depreciation, this is often more, hence a “gap,” and without GAP insurance, money you still owe — despite losing your vehicle!

TriPro Gap Insurance Pie Chart The numbers used here are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results will vary. Refer to your program agreement for a list of exclusions and limitations.
  • Covers the difference, the “gap,” between your insurance payout and amount owed on the vehicle
  • Reimburses your insurance company’s deductible (where permitted by state)
  • Provides peace of mind when it comes to vehicle financing and your credit standing
  • Is affordable, with low monthly cost
  • Complete protection from all risks, including fire, theft, collision
  • Protects new or used vehicles valued up to $100,000 (lesser limits may apply to other vehicles)
  • Coverage for the term of loan or lease, or can be customized
  • All programs fully covered by A-rated major insurers
  • $500 to $1,000 deductible coverage (in most states and in most programs)
  • $500 to $1,000 additional benefit coverage toward the purchase of a new vehicle at the original dealership (in most states and in most programs)

Etch Anti-theft Protection

Trident Etch Anti-theft Protection discourages thieves from targeting your car by etching a unique identification number right into your vehicle windows and/or applying tamper-proof labels to vehicle body parts. By enrolling in this program, your vehicle may also qualify for an insurance discount. Program benefits can total $8,600.

TriPro Etch Locations
Protection programs available include:
  • vehicle windows etched at 6 points
  • vehicle body labeled at 6 points
  • both windows and body (all 12 points) for total protection
Ask your dealership which program(s) it offers and for current pricing.

Trident Etch Anti-theft Protection is …

  • Part of a successful nationwide vehicle protection program
  • Resistant to tampering by thieves
  • Verifiable and shared by law enforcement, insurance, agencies and salvage yards
  • Invisible security you can rely on

Tire and Wheel Protection

TriPro Tires Wheel

Our Tire and Wheel Protection protects your tires and wheels from damage caused by potholes, nails, glass, metal or debris on the road. Under this protection policy, wheels and tires are repaired or replaced; this includes mounting, balancing, valve stems, labor and tax.

Also included is 24/7/365 roadside assistance, which covers towing up to 25 miles, emergency mechanical service (hoses, belts) and fluids (gas, water, oil), battery services and minor adjustments to the alternator, changing a flat tire (with your spare) to get your vehicle safely on its way. All supply costs are your, the customer’s, responsibility.

Coverage in all US Territories and Canada.